Crystal Gardens OGs

Mess with the best, die like the rest ...

Culture & Lifestyle

Gang Code

A former Crystal Gardens gang member went through
a rough treatment and had a bad-ending after betrayed us...

1 ) Respect the hierarchy and orders from higher ranking members.

2 ) Never open fire on the homies. On no account (bountys, internal rivalities, personnal hostilities...).

3 ) If you have a problem with another member, settle it with a fist fight like real OGs. Then go back to the start as brothas.

4 ) Rep the projects by wearing orange clothing as our gang color. Paint that color on your cars and put our emblem wherever you want too.

5 ) Gang initiation for newest members consists in fistfighting, usually ran by Assassini or other high ranking OG.

6 ) Respond to homies solicitations, weither if its for put in workin, for back up as they fight enemies or just chillin together.

7 ) Respect our alliances, never attack our allies and back them up in the streets.

8 ) Never back down from anyone or any other gang. Never go on passive mode. GGOGs will always back you and will declare war even for the smallest/weakest homie. We are united as a family.

9 ) Fight Straight. Never use military sh.t like Rhino tanks or Lazer planes. Limit uses of RPGs or miniguns unless enemies use it first against you. We are OGs, street gang.

10 ) Hang out regularly in the hood. Protect our turf from attacks. Crystal  Gardens complex is also the gang gathering point, where you always can catch other homies.

11 ) Don't get any affiliations with other enemies or rival gangs.

12 ) Members who trynna leave the gang are automatically considered as enemies and become targets to kill.

: Traditional Crystal Gardens for Crystal Gardens Gang.
"C2G Mo'fucka !"

C-Cube : Crystal Crack Cocaïn, name of the well-known drug sold in Crystal Gardens.

Gardena : undercover name  for a person who cook C-Cub drug.

O.G : Original Gangster. Respected, high ranking homie who have
put in work for the gang. Longtime and dedicated member.

CG-Q : Female member of Crystal Gardens Gang.

37 set : Other name for Crystal Gardens Gang.
3 = Third letter of roman alphabet, C.
7 = Seventh letter of roman alphabet, G.