Crystal Gardens OGs

Mess with the best, die like the rest ...


Boss (FrOG_Little) and

second-in-command (Assassini99)

ready to put in work in the hood

Chief enforcer Assassini99

chillin with his hoodfamous BMX bike

CG Squad ready for some action

Street Coordinator BigBear_LsOG about

to cook  in our crack lab

CGOG customized car plate

FrOG_Little caught in the hood

Homie BigBear_LsOG down to welcome ennemies

CG's hoe takin care of our leader

OGs Assassini99 and TheSantosKller
robbin a local store
Soldjas reppin our colors

CGOG's party host at the

strip club after gang banging

Homies settle their dissensions like real mens.

And at the end of the day, they're still brothas

4 Life.

Wall signature

Leader FrOG_Little checkin out
C-Cube production

OGs sent message to the ops :

Don't come back

CGOGs welcome you to the projects

Homies meeting to plan off gang-banging

Soldjas in Crystal Heights most criminal alley

Leader FrOG_Little hold the hood

Brothas chillin in front of gang color tag

Gang initiation to a newcomer

C2G murderers squad

Gang color tire smoke

Street soldja GhostFaceSavage terrorizes
a lame went on passive


Meet with our 7 sins MC allies

Sea Boat party to celebrate some promotions

Opps Killa


Gardenaz puttin in work C-Cube

Make enemies runnin in passive

Posted up in the projects

Ready to bang in the streets